Earn a Sponsorship

It’s every cricketer’s dream to have an equipment sponsor and unfortunately for most brands you must be playing top level cricket in order to receive a sponsorship. At Focus Cricket we like to think a little differently, a little out the box, a little bit like game changers! Our belief is that everyone deserves to be given an opportunity to earn a sponsorship. But what exactly is a sponsorship?

Sponsorship: A marketing technique used by brands to support an individual through the provision of products discounts. In exchange, the individual provide support to the brand in the from of brand building, sales generation and exposure of the brand to new customers.

Our sponsorship model gives anyone the opportunity to enter at the bottom and earn their way to the top of our sponsorship model.

Where you play and what team you are represent doesn’t matter. So, what matters then? You matter, your cricket matters and the way you express the love for the brand matters. We need ambassadors that create sublime content that we can feature on our platforms, we need ambassadors that can convince players around them that they should be using Focus Cricket, we need Game Changers. The Content you create, the engagement you can inspire and the sales you can generate is the support we need from you. This means anyone can start at the as a Prodigy and earn their way up to be a fully sponsored Focus Cricket Professional.


Just like the Willow grading on your bats, our sponsorship model works in the following tiers:


Prodigy Ambassador 

A Prodigy is considered to be someone who is young but possesses exceptional talent or abilities. You have come to the sponsorships page because you believe you have what it takes to progress through the sponsorship model and become a Focus Professional.  

Anyone can start off as a Prodigy Ambassador, but few have what it takes to make it all the way to the top as a Focus Professional. In order to enter the sponsorship model, you need to first own some Focus Cricket equipment. Need a little discount to help you get started, no problem, add any product you like to your shopping cart, use coupon code: ProdigyToPro on checkout and 15% discount will be applied to your order.

Right, now get our attention buy showcasing yourself and your awesome Focus Cricket products by tagging us and using hashtag #FocusProdigy 


Select Ambassador

The Select Ambassador is the next step up. You've captivated us on social media and proven that you are part of the Select few that have what it takes to be a true ambassador of the Focus Cricket brand. You’ve created some amazing content that aligns with the vision and essence of Focus Cricket and this proves to us that you are ready to move up and become a Select Ambassador.

As a Select Ambassador, you are entitled to 30% discount on bats, pads, gloves and other Focus gear. On top of this, you will be given a unique and shareable discount code that you can pass onto your peers which will give them some discount everytime they use your discount code. But wait, Oprah moment, there's more. Whenever someone uses your discount code, you get 10% commission on that sale. These commissions accumulate in the form of webshop store credit and you can redeem the credit on the webshop to get some free Focus Cricket gear. 


Limited Ambassador 

At the Limited Ambassador tier things start to get more serious. You have really proven yourself with your content creation and the sales you have generated have resulted in more Prodigy Ambassadors. You would have earned quite a bit or free product from your sales commissions and now its our turn to step up and support you a bit more. As a Limited Ambassador you have now earned a 45% discount on your Focus Cricket gear as well as your 10% commission on sales generated.

This is where you become a 'Reel' Game changer. Exciting and unique content – Reels, images, stories and videos are what will get you to the next tier. As a Limited Ambassador you will need to create more Prodigy Ambassadors – This will determine whether or not you will be upgraded to a Players Ambassador.


Players Ambassador

The Players Ambassador is the next tier of sponsorship that Focus Cricket and it offers the most rewards.

To become a Players Ambassador, you will need to have created game-changing content for us on a regular basis. Your discount code used must be hot property and because you keep creating more Prodigy Ambassadors for us, you should be getting free product from your commission on a regular basis.

Being a Players Ambassador means that you get a  60% discount on Focus products. We suspect you wont need to use it because of the credit that you will accumulate from all the sales generated through your coupon code.


Focus Professional Player

Only our best Players Ambassadors qualify to be Focus Professional Players who will get a 100% full sponsorship! From Prodigy to Pro.......... well played!


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