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At Focus Cricket we dedicate ourselves to creating the highest quality cricket equipment available on the market.

  • Players Combo

    Regular price R 3,299 ZAR
    Regular price R 4,598 ZAR Sale price R 3,299 ZAR
    Players Combo
  • Limited Combo

    Regular price R 2,999 ZAR
    Regular price R 3,998 ZAR Sale price R 2,999 ZAR
    Limited Combo
  • Select Combo

    Regular price From R 2,299 ZAR
    Regular price R 3,398 ZAR Sale price From R 2,299 ZAR
    Select Combo
  • Players Keeper Combo

    Regular price R 2,999 ZAR
    Regular price R 4,098 ZAR Sale price R 2,999 ZAR
    Players Keeper Combo
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Batting Pads

Players Edition Batting PadsPlayers Edition Batting Pads
  • Sponsorships

    It’s every cricketer’s dream to have an equipment sponsor and unfortunately for most brands you must be playing top level cricket in order to receive a sponsorship. At Focus Cricket we like to think a little differently, a little out the box, a little bit like game changers! Our belief is that everyone deserves to be given an opportunity to earn a sponsorship.

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  • Cricket Bat Refurbishments

    We offer a high quality, premium bat refurbishment service. Our service offers free pick up and drop off, a full refurb, bat stickers, toe guard and a scuff sheet.

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