Focus Warranty

Focus Warranty - We guarantee all Focus branded bats against manufacturing imperfections for 6 months from the date of purchase. Bats must be returned with proof of purchase to support any claim under warranty; failure to adhere to Focus recommendations can affect this guarantee. Warranties are non transferrable.

Causes of Damage Not Covered by Warranty:

1. Excessive Bowling Machine Usage

2. Moisture damage in toe/blade

3. Miss-hitting or Miss-timed shots causing cracking in the blade.

4. Insufficient preparation

5. Dry/Heat Damage

6. Damage caused by cheap/hard balls

Excessive Bowling Machine Usage can readily damage bats and bat handles, so excessive usage should be avoided. We recommend you to use an old bat when facing a bowling machine. Signs of heavy usage will void the warranty.

Moisture Damaged Bats usually happens on damp turf wickets or wet synthetic wickets when the toe of the bat is exposed to moisture conditions. Moisture damage will lead to further splitting and damage of the affected area.

Miss-timed Shots resulting in leading edges, shoulder hits or jamming down on Yorkers can cause these areas to crack, split or damage. Unfortunately a cricket bat is made from soft timber and these areas are the most vulnerable due to the design of the cricket bat with minimal wood contained in these areas. A cricket bat is designed to be hit in the playing area only.

Insufficient Preparation. No oiling will cause the blade to dry out and crack under pressure. No knocking in will not condition/harder the blade for play against cricket balls and will further the likelihood of damage. We strongly recommend applying a scuff sheet.

Dry/Heat Damage. Never store your bat in the car or car boot. You must avoid exposure to the extremes of temperature as this will dry the bat out and result in the bat cracking or splitting. All bats must be stored in a cool but dry place and we recommend to oil your bat at the start of each season to keep the moisture contained within the blade to further its lifespan.

If any damage occurs, the bat must be returned promptly to the retailer for advice - minor repairs can easily be completed, leaving damage unattended until beyond repair may be construed as neglect. Non-warrantable items that need repairs will be sent to a Focus approved repairer, at the cost of the client if instructed.